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Last Name First Name Title Date
Alexander Smith Dwayne Forty Acres 3/16/2020
Ansa Tina McElroy Ugly Ways
Ashe Arthur Days of Grace
Baldwin James If Beale Street Could Talk 9/1/1998
Baldwin James Just Above My Head 9/9/2020
Baszile Jennifer The Black Girl Next Door 1/11/2020
Baszile Natalie Queen Sugar 3/15/2020
Bennett, Jr. Lerone Forced Into Glory:  Abraham Lincoln’s White Dream 11/1/2000
Black Daniel Perfect Peace 9/11/2020
Black Daniel They Tell Me of a Home 3/12/2020
Bond Cynthia Ruby 9/15/2020
Brown Elaine A Taste of Power
Bullard Linda Shades of Justice 11/1/1998
Busia Akosua The Seasons of Beento Blackbird 3/1/1997
Caines David After the Pain 5/13/2020
Caines David Junie Boys Funeral 5/4/2020
Campbell Bebe Moore 72 Hour Hold 5/6/2020
Campbell Bebe Moore What You Owe Me 1/2/2020
Campbell Bebe Moore Your Blues Ain’t Like Mine
Carter Ernessa T. 32 Candles 9/12/2020
Carter Stephen L. New England White:  A Novel 11/7/2020
Carter Stephen L. Palace Council 3/9/2020
Carter Stephen L. The Emperor of Ocean Park 11/2/2020
Clarke Austin The Polished Hoe 9/5/2020
Cleage Pearl What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day 3/1/1998
Cooper Helene Madam President:  The Journey of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf 9/17/2020
Cooper J. California In Search of Satisfaction
Cooper J. California Some Soul to Keep
Danticat Edwidge Claire of the Sea Light 6/14/2020
Dash Leon Rosa Lee 1/1/1997
Deberry & Grant Virginia & Donna Better Than I Know Myself 9/5/2020
Deberry & Grant Virginia & Donna Far From the Tree 3/1/2020
Deberry & Grant Virginia & Donna Trying to Sleep in the Bed You Made 9/1/1997
Deberry & Grant Virginia & Donna What Doesn’t Kill You 11/9/2020
Due Tananarive My Soul to Keep 11/1/1997
Due Tananarive The Between 11/1/2000
Due Tananarive The Living Blood 11/3/2020
Edwards Grace A Toast Before Dying 9/3/2020
Fagan Danzey Tracey Jasper’s Café on the Boulevard 1/16/2020
Fisher Antwone Finding Fish 5/2/2020
Flowers Arthur Another Good Loving Blues
Foster Cecil Sleep On My Beloved
Fryer Dwight The Knees of Gullah Island 1/9/2020
Gaines Ernest J. A Gathering of Old Men 3/4/2020
Gaines Ernest J. A Lesson Before Dying
Glaude Eddie Democracy in Black 9/16/2020
Golden Marita Saving our Sons
Grant Whitfield Railroaded 3/6/2020
Haizlip Shirley Taylor The Sweeter the Juice
Harper Hill The Conversation 1/10/2020
Harris E. Lynn Invisible Life
Harris E. Lynn Just As I Am
Haynes David Somebody Else’s Mamma
Hill Donna What Mother Never Told Me 9/14/2020
Hurston Zora Neale Mules and Men 1/3/2020
Jackson Brian Keith Queen of Harlem 9/3/2020
Jackson Brian Keith The View From Here
Jackson Brian Keith Walking Through Mirrors
Jenkins Beverly Vivid 9/16/2020
Johnson Guy Echoes of a Distant Summer 3/3/2020
Johnson Guy Standing at the Scratchline 5/1/2000
Johnson Hannibal Black Wall Street 9/7/2020
Johnson R.M. The Harris Men 9/1/2020
Jones Solomon The Bridge 3/5/2020
Jones Solomon The Gravedigger’s Ball 11/12/2020
Jones Solomon The Last Confession 11/11/2020
Jones Tayari Silver Sparrow 9/12/2020
Kelsey Moore Edward The Supremes at Earl’s All You Can Eat 11/14/2020
Kelsey Moore Edward The Supremes Sing the Happy Heartache Blues 11/17/2020
Lamar Jake Close to the Bone 1/1/2000
Lamar Jake The Last Integrationist
Little Lorna Mums the Word 5/15/2020
Locke Attica Blackwater Rising 5/16/2020
Lonell Glenville Fire in the Cave
Locke Attica The Cutting Season 9/13/2020
Marshall Paule Daughters
Mathis Ayana The Twelve Tribes of Hattie 3/13/2020
McBride James Song Yet Sung 1/13/2020
McBride James The Good Lord Bird 1/14/2020
McCall Nathan Them 11/9/2020
McClarin Kim Taming it Down
McFadden Bernice Gathering of Waters 5/12/2020
McFadden Bernice Glorious 9/10/2020
McFadden Bernice Nowhere is a Place 9/6/2020
McFadden Bernice Sugar 5/1/2020
McFadden Bernice The Warmest December 5/1/2020
McKinney-Whetstone Diane Blues Dancing 9/1/2000
McKinney-Whetstone Diane Lazaretto 1/17/2020
McKinney-Whetstone Diane Leaving Cecil Street 9/4/2020
McKinney-Whetstone Diane Tempest Rising 5/1/1998
McKinney-Whetstone Diane Trading Dreams at Midnight 5/10/2020
McKinney-Whetstone Diane Tumbling 5/1/1997
McMillan Terry A Day Late and a Dollar Short 9/1/2020
McMillan Terry Getting to Happy 11/10/2020
McMillan Terry How Stella Got Her Groove Back
McMillan Terry Waiting to Exhale 9/1/1992
Micklebury Penny One Must Wait
Moore Wes The Other Wes Moore 9/10/2020
Morrison Toni God Help the Child 9/17/2020
Morrison Toni Love 1/5/2020
Morrison Toni Paradise 1/1/1999
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Mosley Walter And Sometimes I Wonder about You 11/15/2020
Mosley Walter Cinnamon Kiss 11/6/2020
Mosley Walter Devil in a Blue Dress
Mosley Walter Fearless Jones 3/2/2020
Mosley Walter Known to Evil 5/11/2020
Mosley Walter The Man In My Basement 5/5/2020
Mosley Walter The Right Mistake 3/10/2020
Murphy V.A. The Calabash Boys 5/9/2020
Naylor Gloria Bailey’s Café
Naylor Gloria Mama Day 5/3/2020
Ndibe Okey Arrows of Rain 1/1/2020
Ndibe Okey Foreign Gods, Inc. 3/14/2020
Neely Barbara Blanche Among the Talented Tenth 9/1/1998
Nelson Jill Voluntary Slavery
Newton Lionel Getting Right With God
Ngozi Adichie Chimamanda Americanah 9/14/2020
Nicholas Denise Freshwater Road 1/7/2020
Parker Gwendolyn These Same Long Bones
Parker-Rhodes Jewell Douglass’ Women 1/6/2020
Pate Alex Losing Absalom
Perkins-Valdez Dolen Wench 3/11/2020
Perry Gloria Playing Your Game 5/17/2020
Poitier Sydney The Measure of a Man 9/7/2020
Raymond Linda Rocking the Babies
Roberts Bari-Ellen Roberts vs. Texaco:  A True Story of Race In Corporate America 3/1/2000
Robinson Randall The Debt 9/1/2000
Rowan Carl Dream Makers, Dream Breakers:  The World of Justice Thurgood Marshall
Smith Mary Burnett Miss Ophelia 1/1/1998
Smith Zadie On Beauty 9/6/2020
Smith Zadie White Teeth 11/1/2020
Southgate Martha The Fall of Rome 9/2/2020
Southgate Martha The Taste of Salt 1/12/2020
Southgate Martha Third Girl From The Left 5/7/2020
Stevenson Bryan Just Mercy 3/17/2020
Suyapa Bodden Marlen The Wedding Gift 1/15/2020
Tademy Lalita Cane River 9/2/2020
Tademy Lalita Red River 3/7/2020
Trice Dawn Turner Only Twice I’ve Wished for Heaven 9/1/1997
Turnipseed Erica Simone A Love Noir:  A Novel 1/4/2020
Walker Alice By the Light of My Father’s Smile 11/1/1999
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West Dorothy The Wedding
Whitaker Ginger The Dowry
Whitehead Colson Sag Harbor 9/11/2020
Wilson-Wesley Valerie Dying in the Dark 11/5/2020
Wilson-Wesley Valerie Playing My Mothers Blues 11/5/2020
Youngblood Shay Soul Kiss