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Visiting Authors

Tracey Fagan Danzey
[Jaspers Café on the Boulevard]
January 2016 
St. Martin Deporres Church 





Lorna Little

[Mums the Word]

May 2015

Home of Stephanie M.  





David Caines

[After the Pain]

May 2013

Home of Stephanie M.




Solomon Jones

[The Last Confession]

November 2011

St. Martin Deporres Church, New Haven, CT

Solomon Jones, author of “The Last Confession” was our guest author for the November 13th book club. Solomon’s down to earth manner allowed for open and honest discussion.  He is an accomplished writer with a gift for capturing his reader through mystery and suspense.  We were honored to have him as part of our discussion.


Jennifer Baszile

[The Black Girl Next Door]

January 2011

Grace Episcopal Church, Hartford, CT



Dwight Fryer

[The Knees of Gullah Island]

January 2009

Cross Street AME Zion Church, Middletown, CT



Valerie Wilson-Wesley

[Playing My Mothers Blues   and     Dying in the Dark]

November 2005

Mt. Olive Day Care Center, Hartford, Connecticut



David Caines

[Junie Boys Funeral]

May 2005

Home of John and Lana, New Haven, Connecticut


Martha Southgate
[The Fall of Rome]
September 28, 2002
Brown by the Bay, Newport, Rhode Island

Martha Southgate has agreed to join the group for the discussion of her book “The Fall of Rome” during the September 28th meeting in Newport, Rhode Island.

Bernice McFadden
[Sugar and The Warmest December]
May 6, 2001
Home of Ronny and Evelyn, Waterbury, Connecticut

Bernice McFadden was our guest author for the day. There was much down to earth talk as we discussed her two novels. She read an excerpt from the sequel to Sugar which she is currently finishing. We are fortunate as a book club to have the pleasure of such appearances by guest authors.
Okey Ndibe
[Arrows of Rain]
January 14, 2001
Home of Penny, West Hartford, Connecticut

In the spirit of African storytelling, Okey Ndibe delighted our book club with tales from his life experience in Africa. The group was thoroughly entertained by his gift of storytelling through both his written and verbal expressions.
Bari-Ellen Roberts
[Roberts vs. Texaco: A True Story of Race and Corporate America]
March 12, 2000
St. Martin De Porres Church, New Haven, Connecticut

Bari-Ellen Roberts was our guest author for the day. Several members expressed their thanks to Ms. Roberts for sharing her story and enriching the minds of the group. If you did not attend the meeting, you surely missed a special treat.
Brian Keith Jackson
[The View From Here and Walking Through Mirrors]
March 14, 1999
St. Martin De Porres Church, New Haven, Connecticut

Our guest author, Brian Keith Jackson, captivated us through his reading and discussion of the books he has written, “A View From Here” and “Walking Through Mirrors.”
Dorothy West
[The Wedding]
September 20, 1997
Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

We thank Dorothy West, author of “The Wedding,” for her brief visit with us at Martha’s Vineyard, as we celebrated our book club’s fifth anniversary.
Ginger Whitaker
[The Dowry]
January 6, 1996
Albany Avenue Library, Hartford, Connecticut

Ginger Whitaker, our guest author, led the book discussion about “The Dowry” – a skillfully told love story about family and belonging.

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